Yoga is deeply rooted in all to realize But it needs some awareness in you to blossom

- Guruji


The Temple of Yoga

Yogalayam was founded by Guruji in 2007, Guruji gave the centre the name Yogalayam. Yoga Literally means Union, Join, Attach and Alayam means the Temple Sacred Place, Place of Offering. . As Yogalayam Serve's and Unites one and all.

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About Guruji

Guruji Karthikeswara Yoga Acharya (Spiritual Teacher) Born on 1978 at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu,India. Founder of Yogalayam - Bhairavi dhyana kudil began to practice Yoga at his age of 19 years have practiced his Yoga Sadhanas regularly and sincerely.

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